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Bike Holidays at Trasimeno Lake

Bike Holidays at Trasimeno Lake

Bike holidays at Trasimeno Lake

Are you thinking about a bike holiday at Trasimeno Lake? Nowadays more and more people don’t want to give up their bike or take a mountain bike ride while on vacation. Especially when the location chosen, in this case the splendid Lake Trasimeno, offers dedicated and suitable cycling routes for everyone.

Choose the green heart of Italy to travel by bike

Umbria is also known with the definition of “green heart of Italy”, a definition that underlines its luxuriant and uncontaminated nature due to a predominantly hilly and mountainous territory, not very suitable to host large urban areas.

Such a region, as wild as it is hospitable in the same time, cannot fail to offer its visitors cycling routes worthy of the name.

In Umbria, in fact, you can easily spend your cycling holidays admiring the landscapes of steep olive groves, rolling hills covered with vineyards, small fortifications that rise up on the tops of the hills but also of pristine forests and reeds.

The Trasimeno cycle path

One of the most fascinating cycle paths in Umbria is undoubtedly that of the Trasimeno Lake.

It is a route you can take during your bike holiday, it allows you to make a real tour of the circumference of the lake.

The route also unites all the small medieval villages that have arisen with the passage of time in its shores. This way you can also easily stop and take a refreshing break in one of the many dining areas along the way.

Someone can tell you: “Lake Trasimeno has 3 islands and with the bicycle you cannot cross its waters” … nothing more wrong!

In fact, two of the three islands can be visited and are connected to the Trasimeno countries by ferry, where you can also carry your mountain bike with you. In particular, if you love natural landscapes you cannot miss a visit to the Polvese Island, the largest of the Trasimeno Lake, that today is a true naturalistic oasis.

Bike Holidays at Trasimeno Lake for the whole family

One of the reasons why more and more people decide to use the bike systematically when on holiday is why it is an activity suitable for the whole family.

If for the older ones it is a quiet time away from the stress of work and the city to spend in the company of the little ones while keeping in shape and which does not involve a great effort, for the little ones it is a fun experience since for them it is a playful experience through which they can explore the world autonomously.

As if that were not enough, we would like to underline that the Trasimeno cycle path is mostly flat and therefore does not present great athletic difficulties.

If you then get tired a little, especially the little ones, you can always rest in the shade of some tree or with your legs hanging down on top of the small piers of which the Trasimeno is sprinkled.

In addition, there are also many parking areas designed specifically for cyclists: why not take sandwiches with which to have a picnic?

Mountain biking in the Trasimeno hills

But the Trasimeno area is not just flat. The slopes of the hills that surround it are not always sweet but in some places they have considerable slopes.

This is why if you love mountain biking you can find what you want for your cycling holiday.

Walk the paths of the Trasimeno hills by bicycle, among steep olive groves, dedicated paths that are lost in the woods, or among the mildest slopes of the vineyards surrounding the lake.

Climb up the hills to enjoy the most beautiful views of the Trasimeno Lake and then descend at full speed to its shores to enjoy the reeds where birds like grebes, herons and kingfishers find rest during their migratory stages.

Rent your bike or mountain bike

The Trasimeno is therefore the ideal place to spend your holiday in a bicycle, whether in the company of your family or, whether you want to dare a little more, on your mountain bike.

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