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Foto Olio 3 litri Bag in Box Montemelino

Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil

Superior category organic extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from the farm’s olives and solely by mechanical means (cold pressing)


Blend of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia varieties

Features * 2021 harvest:

  • low acidity (max, 0,17)
  • low peroxide levels (max 7)
  • high polyphenols (min 560 mg / kg)

Medium intensity fruity with one strong leaf odor. To the taste presents a strong bitterness and closes with a spicy of equal intensity.


  • 0.50 liter bottle
  • 0.75 liter bottle
  • 3 liter Bag in Box

* reference values for EVO oil:
max acidity allowed 0,8%, peroxides max 20, polyphenols min 200 mg / kg

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