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Wine tours at Trasimeno Lake: one of the best ways to discover the territory

Wine tours at Trasimeno Lake: one of the best ways to discover the territory

Wine tours at Trasimeno Lake: a new way to enjoy your holiday

Wine tours at Trasimeno Lake is nothing more than a vacation to discover the flavors and wine traditions of the area in which you find yourself spending relaxing moments when you are on vacation for a real and own wine holiday.

Wine tours are a new way of traveling that is conquering an increasing number of enthusiasts.

Discovering the territory and its surroundings with wine tours at Trasimeno Lake

The wine, in the context of the wine tour, takes on a multiple meaning.

It is not a question of taking it into consideration only from the point of view of taste, but in this context it becomes a real means by which to know the territory as well as the culture and values ​​linked to the land and its roots.

Wine Tours at Trasimeno Lake offer the possibility to visit also small historic villages and complete the holiday with some relaxing moments along the shores of Lake Trasimeno

The enogastronomic richness of Trasimeno Lake

An area like Trasimeno Lake is able to offer some interesting wine tours. Moreover, during the tour of visits to the winery, you can also visit small historic villages that are present in the territory

between history …

Trasimeno Lake is setting between Umbria and Tuscany. It is a territory rich in history inhabited since the Etruscan era which left a footprint still visible today in the territory. Later it was occupied by the ancient Romans as the battle that saw Hannibal’s victory against the Etruscan army. In the Middle Ages the numerous fortifications has characterized the villages of the Trasimeno Lake and still can be visited.

…nature and … grapes!

The gentle hills that frame the lake basin are kissed by a microclimate suitable both for the cultivation of the olive tree and above all that of the vine. The vines are all found between 250 and 350m on soils predominantly argyle. The typical grapes of the territory are: the Trasimeno Gamay for the reds and the Grechetto for the whites. The diversity of the small villages and their fortifications, the ancient religious buildings in which the vines were cultivated and oil was produced, the luxuriant and uncontaminated nature, represent a pleasant outline to your wine holidays

Routes to discover the Trasimeno cellars

These trips will take you to discovery the wineries in the area, including our cellar, that are hidden in the countryside or even better set in the ancient medieval villages.

In these wine tours you can also directly meet who the wine conceives it from the cultivation of the vines, having also the possibility to walk among the vineyards while tasting the wines of the Trasimeno Lake.

All while you can admire the reflections of the hills that surround it in its smooth waters like a mirror.

By meeting the producers directly, you will also be able to learn more about their winemaking techniques and ask them all the questions that come to you and thus satisfy your curiosity as well as your taste buds.

What are you waiting for your wine tour at Trasimeno Lake?

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